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Name:still telling the story
Location:California, United States of America
Website:The Dragon's Gate
A geeky nerd (or nerdy geek) who likes to talk too much and enjoys the company of fish. Subdue with chocolate when agitated.

If I've subscribed to you, it's because I like what you're saying and/or have secret designs of watching you in the shower.

I read ungodly amounts of books, fanfics, and manga/comics. And then I talk about them. For pages. My tastes are profoundly questionable and while my standards are high, they don't stop me from reading crap and then ranting about it.

My genre are:
:: Fantasy :: Boys Love/yaoi :: Sci-Fi :: Supernatural/Thriller :: Young Adult :: Historical Fiction :: Shounen :: Josei :: Humor ::

I write both fanfiction and original fic. Or I talk endlessly about the original fic I want to be writing.

All Fanfics

//Stories By Fandom
:: Avatar: The Last Airbender :: Bleach :: Hunter X Hunter :: Heat Guy J :: Kingdom Hearts :: Labyrinth :: Naruto :: Pirates of the Caribbean :: Saiyuki :: Vassalord ::

I like to make artistic attempts with a camera and then subject my readers to them.

Sadieko@DA :: Journal Posts (please note that most of these are Access locked)

//Places On The Web
Can't get enough of me talking? Here are some other places I can be found.

:: The Dragon's Gate :: Sadie :: :: ::

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Interests (29):

90s kid shows, african grey parrots, avatar: the last airbender, bad porn, bl novels, characterization, chocolate, cockatiels, dark crystal, diana wynne jones, digimon, fausuke, fifth element, good porn, good writing, kawaii bishie neko chan, let the right one in, mens knuckle, naruto, naruto/charizard, quincy archer hates you, rabbits, rats, saiyuki, sasuke/geodude, senegal parrots, terinu, the vokosigan saga, weeping cocks

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